ICSE Syllabus



Curricular Activities

As far as co-curricular activities are concerned each academic year has its own quota of events with the graph registering an upward growth every year. C.C.A. Department of the school really had their hands full during 2013-14 with a deluge of activities hardly ever seen before and unlikely to be matched hence.

As usual the School Council Elections were gone though with the right mix of solemnity, sincerity, spirit and style. Its culmination was a really impressive investiture ceremony, rich in content and serious in intent. Other regular events like fancy dress was conducted. Annual programmes like Independence Day. Republic Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Rajyotsava Day, Christmas Day etc., were also celebrated with gay abandon.

In between there were two momentous functions, the Annual Day held on 22nd January 2012 and Science Exhibition were held on 27th January 2013 at OUTDOOR STADIUM at Hampinagar, Bengaluru and deserve more elaborate mention. By end of January co-curicular activities vacated the center stage for academics and examinations to take over.

National Cadet Corps - Cardinals of Discipline

NCC has been introduced with a view to gearing up our students for better future prospects and inculcate in them the spirit of comradeship, secularism, a spirit of adventure and the ideal of selfless service to the nation. We hope to train a platoon of young cadets, disciplined, service-minded and fully aware of their duties and responsibilities. The NCC cadets have their own platform for talent search and splendid expression of the same.

School hours and uniform :  

Nursery Section

Montessori & LKG
8-40 a.m. to 12-00 noon
Saturday HOLIDAY

Senior Nursery – UKG

8-40 a.m. to 12-00 noon
12-30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Standard I-X

8-40 a.m. to 12-00 noon
12-30 p.m. to 3-30 p.m.

LUNCH : - 12-00 to 12-30 p.m.

On Saturdays ( U.K.G. to X ) 8-40 a.m. to 12-00 noon

 The School Uniform

The following is the prescribed school uniform for boys and girls and is to be worn compulsorily on all working days of the year, except notified to the contrary on certain occasion.


BOYS  : White half sleeves shirt, blue short pants

(Montessori to Std VI) Blue pants (for VII to X std) Blue and white striped tie, black leather shoes and navy blue socks. Full sleeves sweater, navy blue socks cardigan with white striped border. A clean hand kerchief.

GIRLS : White half sleeves blouse, blue short skirts (Pinafore)

Blue and white stripped tie, Black leather shoes navy blue socks, full sleeves sweater navy blue cardigan with white stripped bordered, clean hand kerchief, blue ribbons.

SATURDAYS: Boys and girls should wear full white uniform with white canvas shoes and white socks.

Indoor and Outdoor Games

Games and sports form an integral part of the school curriculum for which a wide range of facilities are available. Students are encouraged to participate in athletics, hockey, cricket, badminton, throw ball etc.. Students compete at Taluk / District / State level tournaments in various sporting disciplines.